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Plastic Herb Planters 

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Plastic Herb Planters 

Written By: Tiffany Threadgould 



Drill (1) 

Plastic containers (1) 

• Drill bits (1) 


Plastic lids (1) 

to fit under the containers. 




Rocks (1) 


Potting soil (1) 


Herb seeds (1) 

or plants. 


Do you have a pile of plastic containers you never use? Put them to work by creating a 
plastic herb garden paradise. It's a great way to recycle your plastic, plus it puts fresh herbs 
at your fingertips. 

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Plastic Herb Planters 

Step 1 — Select containers. 

• Containers that work best are ones 
that are solid in color. Clear and 
translucent containers can grow 
mold inside, so it's best to stay 
away from those. Choose a lid for 
each container that fits comfortably 
under the base. This will collect 
water overflow. 

• We used all the scrap plastic we 
could get our hands on for this 
project: food storage containers, a 
Frisbee, a small bucket, even a 
plastic piggy bank. You'll be 
surprised at the plastic scrap you 
can dig up once you start looking. 

Step 2 — Drill a water drainage hole. 

• Place the scrap wood on a flat 
surface and center the bottom of 
your container on the wood. Drill a 
hole in the bottom center of the 
container. Make sure that the 
plastic is flush against the wood, 
otherwise the plastic can bend and 

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Plastic Herb Planters 

Step 3 — Plant your seeds. 

• Place several medium-sized rocks 
in the bottom of the container. This 
will help the water drain through the 
pot. Fill the rest of the container 
with potting soil until it reaches 
about 1/2" from the top. Place the 
container atop the lid. 

• Put your seeds or plants into the 
soil, and then sit back and watch 
them grow. 

This project first appeared in Craft Volume 07 , page 22. 

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